Who’s behind this?

It’s me Matej! I am passionate about sports since I can remember, therefore I started this blog to help other athletes by giving them my advice and sharing my learnings.

Vaša profilna slika

It all started when I was 5. Those were the years, when I fell in love with soccer, for the first time. Since then, I have been playing the sport. Professionally I played for 10 years, but since today I find time, to kick a ball with my friends and join the local tournaments.

When I ended my soccer career I started competing in Track & Field. I always loved sprinting and taking my body to extreme levels. I majored in 400m hurdels.

I also enjoy cycling a lot! When I find some time, I pick up my MTB and go for a ride, or find some local trails, where of course I catch all my injuries :). Another thing, that I enjoy doing is snowboarding.