How to Destroy Your Lizard Brain

How to Destroy Your Lizard Brain in 3 Steps

You’ve heard about it. Most of the time your overthinkingstress, and shit thoughts result from the fact, that your brain is hundreds of thousands of years old.

In favor to get better, you have to learn how to destroy your lizard brain.

Those scary emotions that are keeping you back, were once your ancestors’ best friends.

Those thoughts prevented people, thousands of years ago, from dying.

For example, if you made a fool of yourself thousands of years ago in your tribe, you stayed a fool for the rest of your life.

You couldn’t have sex, you couldn’t enjoy your life, and nobody took you seriously ever again.

Just imagine what kind of pressure those ancient people had, therefore, they were always very careful of what they did and said.

3 Steps to Destroy Your Lizard Brain

Nowadays you can say nearly whatever you want and still find friends who support you.

You can ask the question as dumb as possible and still find another group that doesn’t know you.

But, what can I do about the fact that my lizard brain still dictates my life?

How can I escape the habit of being stressed before public speaking or frightened of heights?

Follow these 3 simple steps:

How to Destroy Your Lizard Brain


  • Start with your posture: always be standing straight, with your shoulders back and your head held up.
  • Look people in the eyes, keeping strong eye contact.
  • Always dress well.

Once you gained confidence, try to challenge your fears. For example, if you’re scared of public speaking, play a little game with yourself: promise yourself that you will ask a question every time you enroll in an event. Also, you must take a sit which is the nearest to the speaker.


  • This step is to get rid of the unnecessary thoughts, which are keeping you back and preventing your dreams from coming true.
  • When you’re overthinking just take a quick cold shower for 20 seconds and see the magic happening.
  • What will happen is: your fight or flight response will turn on and the only thought you’ll have in mind will be – how to escape the cold shower.
  • Once you get out of it, you will sense an enormous empty space in your thinking, and finally, you will get rid of your overthinking.


  • The fact is that your fear gets smaller as soon as you take action.
  • On the other hand, it can get as big as possible as soon as you delay it and don’t act on it.
  • So do yourself a favor, and just do it :).

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