My Journey With Meditation

My Journey With Meditation┃Matej Zezlin

It’s very complex.

To anyone who was yelling at me, asking how can this simple exercise change your life, it is really complicated to describe your experience.

I failed so many times. Even though I am trying once again…

My Story: How Meditation Changed My Life

So, for anyone out there reading this, I hope you have some sense of open-mindedness.

On the contrary, I did not have one, due to the family I was raised in.

The society you live in makes you the person you are, so I was very conservative, narrow-minded and I “knew” EVERYTHING about anything in my early teen years.

When I heard something about meditation or other cultures I just got pissed off and asked myself, how can people be so stupid believing in that sort of thing (I didn’t know what was about to come).

It all started back in 2018 when I used to train track and field.

Our coach decided to get us some sort of sports psychiatrist or therapeutic coach.

He was very inspiring and he would listen to our problems.

The coach wanted us to perform well at the events and also to feel good during the practice. At the first seminar, he ordered us to do some weird exercises like Autogenic training every day!

I was disappointed. I thought a man that believes in science would never let us do that spiritual imaginary bullshit. I had been biased.

Even though I did not believe in this nonsense, I followed the rules and did those exercises daily (we were also ordered to send some sort of diary to the coach, so we could not cheat).

Here I am, one week later, fascinated by the effects that this simple exercise had done on me.

Before, I was chronically injured. My biceps would always hurt while warming up, and now, what a surprise, the pain was not here anymore.

What is more, I got more confidence.

I was rarely nervous before my run. I couldn’t believe this was from that simple mental exercise.

After that, my sister who has been fighting mental illness told me, that her psychiatrist suggested she try an app called Headspace.

It should be a program of mindfulness meditation (or some Buddhistic bullshit, I thought again).

It took me some time to download the app, but my level of curiosity was very high and I also wanted to know if there could be any bigger effects on the body and mind, therefore I started meditating.

In the first session, I was blown away.

I have never been so relaxed in my entire life as I have been during and after that first meditation.

I continued the practice every day till I finished the program.

I never felt something like this before.

When I was meditating I finally got that time for myself and myself only.

I experienced some cool shit during the years of meditating. For example, I didn’t have a sense of time or space.

I was just being.

The Benefits I Gained

Out of the blue, I realized all my problems had gone away.

Much less stress in school and a ton of confidence.

I still remember that day, when I was walking in a school corridor and every single one was looking at me (even the girls 😉 ) and they gave me that feeling of appreciation and love.

I could make new friendships easily. I gained confidence to this level, that I got a date with a girl for the first time in my life.

I was just happy, very happy. 🙂

I started noticing that I hadn’t been living in a moment before.

I didn’t realize that if you can just pause for a moment, and think about your breath, life could be much easier. And it really was.

I started searching more and more and it is crazy how many quality meditations you can find on YouTube for free.


Today I meditate now and then. Mostly, when I’m stressed with work or when my girlfriend wants to be my pimple popper. I hate when she is causing me that tremendous pain. 🙂

To conclude, I would strongly suggest you: just try meditating for once. If this isn’t your thing, just stay away from that crap. But I know for sure, there are many people, just like me, who would benefit a lot from that simple practice called meditation. 🙂


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